I have known Doug for nearly 40 years, and he is a very courteous and professional no BS kind of guy (besides a little humor here and there) with exceptional knowledge and experience in the die casting industry.

John Brueggemann
Managing Partner, American Precision Die Casting/Ozark Die Casting

G&M has been relying on Doug Ferrell for die casting solutions and expertise since 1990. He represents the finest equipment in our industry and his knowledge gets us on our way to a solution or service fast. Doug is a friend and I recommend Ferrell Metalcasting Solutions whole-heartedly.

Mark Hirsch
President & Owner, G & M Die Casting

Working with Doug has been different from what you would typically expect from a Technical Sales Representative, he is not only that highly experienced guy that has seen a lot and can provide solutions for a lot of Die Cast needs, he is also a friend that will be open and honest with you about the different options that are available. I always reach out to him not only with needs that I know he can provide, but also as a source of experience, I know for a fact that if he cannot provide the solution, he knows a guy that might. Nothing but great things to say about working with Doug.

Salvador Sanchez
Salvador Sanchez
LSI Manufacturing, Engineering Manager

I’ve worked with Doug/Ferrell Metalcasting Solutions for over a decade. He/They are our first call when we consider any major die casting equipment purchases. Doug/Ferrell Metalcasting has been the integral source of our automation journey.

Jamie Lund
President, Lund Manufacturing Co. Inc.

In my past experiences, working with individual companies can lead to delays that cause logistical hurdles….. Doug has helped overcome this.  Working with a central figure to bring multiple facets together alleviates the concern of the unknowns.  When you present Doug with a challenge he is able to bring in his entire team of assets to solve and evolve from idea to conception

Jeff Bruckschen
LSI DC Process Engineer

My relationship with Doug Ferrell goes back to 1988 when Twin City Die Castings Company purchased and installed our first two new 600-ton DCM’s with Rimrock ladles and extractors with spray. That started a partnership with TCDC and Ferrell Metalcasting Solutions that continues to the present day. Over the many years of doing business with Doug, trust and honesty is his trademark. Doug knows the die casting business. Doug does not know anything about Pro Football!

Greg Hansen
President, Twin City Die Castings Company